From survey research to direct voter contact, Remington Research Group offers products and services that meet the needs of clients in every situation. Because RRG fields such a high volume of live, texting and IVR surveys, we are able to offer our clients the lowest pricing in the industry on phone programs.

Online Focus Groups

RRG can recruit, host, design, provide moderation, and analysis for online focus groups. Our focus group design and tailored moderator guides will provide actionable insights about public perceptions and overall voter sentiment.

While in-person focus groups are the more traditional route, online focus groups provide critical insights in a time where in-person gatherings have become less feasible.

Moderator Guide

Remington Research Group will work with your team to develop a moderator guide based on your goals and the insights you want to gather. While not every question must be asked and answered during the focus groups, the moderator guides give direction and purpose to the focus groups. We begin with questions that gather basic impressions of the participants, such as overall opinions on candidates, etc.

Then we steer the conversation towards perceptions and topics that you would like specific insights into.

We will work with you and provide unlimited consultation before reaching final approval of the moderator guide.


Recruitment typically takes two to three weeks. Each focus group lasts one to two hours with up to two groups per evening


An in-depth analysis deck is presented one week after the groups have been conducted. Recorded focus group session will be delivered the next day for review by client. RRG will utilize the focus group to build a traditional polling instrument to gather quantitative data. RRG is available for unlimited consultation and de-briefing discussions about the research findings.

Survey Products

Innovative Methodologies

RRG is the public opinion research industry leader in hybrid methodology, combining traditional landline/cell phone interviews with digital/texting data collection techniques. These data collection techniques allow us to deliver you an accurate snapshot of public opinion and confidently break down the opinion of specific subgroups of voters. A notable difference between RRG surveys and those conducted by other firms is our large interview samples, which reduce the risk of error in projecting voter sentiment and increase the confidence you can put in your results.

Additionally, RRG has routinely been at the forefront of the polling industry when it comes to qualitative research. From online focus groups to state of the art eye tracking technologies, RRG offers qualitative data products for every unique project – big or small.

Quick Turnaround

Campaigns move fast. We know that as well as anybody, which is why we can field a survey on the same day as a client request. Results can be shared in as little as 24 hours. No other firm in the country turns around surveys as quickly as RRG.

Voter Contact Products

Remington Research Group offers products and services that meet the needs of clients in every situation. Because RRG fields such a high volume of live, texting and IVR surveys, we are able to offer our clients the lowest pricing in the industry on phone programs.

On all voter contact services offered, RRG is in constant communication with the client, offering guidance on scripts and call reports every morning.


RRG’s skilled live call center consists of passionate, seasoned professionals who are able to execute any project for any situation. From GOTV to patch through calls—we have the ability to turn projects around same day.


Our award-winning automated calls have led the industry in creativity and ingenuity. RRG has employees on staff dedicated to drafting the best scripts and plans.


RRG uses live agents to deploy “Peer-to-Peer” or “P2P” texts. These texts can either be SMS (plain text) or MMS (GIF or image) and be used for grassroots engagement, event announcements, constituent awareness, GOTV, voter ID purposes and more. RRG deploy and self-serve (campaign deploy) options available.


Tele-town halls are an effective way to engage with an electorate/constituency. Candidates/elected officials are able to communicate directly with voters and hear and acknowledge their concerns on certain issues. Participants are able to ask questions and answer poll questions. Live audio streaming is available.


Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is an on-site, easy to use volunteer phone bank technology that allows thousands of volunteers to make calls simultaneously. Unlike traditional phone banks, our VoIP system can triple volunteer call output, enabling voter contact goals to be reached faster, and with fewer volunteers.